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The graphic in the area Forecast and Recommended Action gives an overview of the expected PV power as well as recommendations on the manual switching-on of loads. In addition the graphic shows the time periods that you have planned for the operation of the loads. You can have a forecast displayed for up to 48 hours from the currently selected time.

Diagram Forecast and Recommended Action (example)


Position Symbols and explanation
A Weather forecast
Slightly cloudy
Heavy cloud or overcast
Fog with frost
Freezing mist
Light rain
Moderate rain
Heavy rain
Light rain, freezing
Moderate or heavy rain, freezing
Light snow
Moderate snow
Heavy snow
Light rain shower
Moderate or heavy rain shower
Very heavy rain shower
Light snow shower
Moderate or heavy snow shower
Light or moderate thunderstorm
Heavy thunderstorm
Total solar eclipse
Partial solar eclipse
B Suitable time for manually switching on loads
During these times you can for example vacuum, and therefore operate the vacuum cleaner using cheap electricity.
The Sunny Home Manager takes the following information into consideration for the recommended action:
  • Expected PV power (see position D)
    The location of the system must be set for this.
  • Expected energy consumption of the household and of loads for which the Sunny Home Manager receives measured values of the power consumed via radio-controlled sockets or via direct communication. The Sunny Home Manager determines the anticipated energy consumption in accordance with the consumption forecast based on the "learned"
  • Consumption behavior of the individual household
  • Feed-in tariff and electricity tariff
    The feed-in tariff and the electricity tariff must be set for this.
  • Optimization target
    The optimization target indicates whether the Sunny Home Manager should prioritize ecological- or economical factors during load management.
  • Azimuth angle and tilt angle
    The inverter strings must be configured for this.
C Expected PV power according to the PV yield forecast
The Sunny Home Manager determines the PV power that can be expected in each case using the weather forecast for the selected location and the "learned" behavior of the PV system.
Tip: When you move the mouse over one of the bars, the following details for this time period will be displayed in a window:
  • Estimated PV generation
  • Estimated consumption
  • Difference between the estimated PV generation and estimated consumption
D Tariff for the electricity purchased from the utility grid.
  • red: expensive
  • green: good value
  • other colors: electricity tariffs between the most expensive and the best value electricity tariff
If you have only entered one electricity tariff, green is always displayed.
E View of the time periods for operation of the loads
  • The configured time periods are shown as colored, semi-transparent bars.
  • Time periods in which the loads were actually in operation are shown as colored, solid bars.
F Loads legend
The legend shows which color is assigned to which load in the time period view (E).

Tip: Click the diagram, hold down the left mouse button and move the mouse to the right or left. This way you can select a different time period.