Devices/PV system
Meter Change [kWh]

Meter Change [kWh]
October 2017

Meter Change [kWh]
1100005855No dataNo data333.25
1100006518No dataNo data355.31
1100010090No dataNo data358.76
1100010090No dataNo data358.76
SB 5000TL 382No dataNo data313.10
1100028047No dataNo dataNo data
1100031102No dataNo data225.81
1100032532No dataNo dataNo data
SB 5000TL 672No dataNo data338.32
1100052443No dataNo data328.28
1100081586No dataNo data339.92
1100097936No dataNo data344.47
SB 5000TL 845No dataNo data251.58
1100039394No dataNo data297.51
1100017120No dataNo data246.91
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