Location:Wilkesboro, United States
Operator:Keith Casey
PV system power:4.000 kWp
Annual Production:approx. 22,888 kWh (5,722 kWh/kWp)
CO2 avoided:Approx. 16.0 tons per annum
Communication:SMA Webconnect
Inverter:Sunny Boy 3800TL-US-22


Tyson Sustainable Animal Science Lab is built for students by students and incorporates the latest technology available in building and in poultry house operation. This sustainable design includes photovoltaic systems, solar thermal, wind power, and cutting edge data infrastructure. This facility allows animal science students to work with a small-scale commercial house and learn hands-on operation, management and production in relation to poultry sustainability by using advanced control systems. Control systems and software work with fans, winches, evaporative cooling, inlets and heaters to control, monitor, analyze and improve performance.