Plant Profile

PV System Name:Lillico Solar
Location:Warragul, Australia
PV system power:4.560 kWp
Modules:CanadianSolar CS5A-190M
Communication:Sunny WebBox mit Bluetooth
Inverter:Sunny Boy 5000TL-20


Plant consists of 24 190 Watt panels and is located near Warragul, Victoria, Australia.

The system experiences some shading late in the afternoons, especially in the Winter months.

Information on Solar radiation, temperature etc. for Lillico Solar can be found at Lillico Weather

Devices/PV systemTotal yield
Meter Change [kWh]
Total yield
Meter Change [kWh]
October 2023
Total yield
Meter Change [kWh]
Lillico SolarNo data38.233379.65
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