McFarlane Aviation PV System Profile
Location:Baldwin City, United States
Operator:Cromwell Environmental
PV system power:17.940 kWp
Annual Production:approx. 22,622 kWh (1,261 kWh/kWp)
CO2 avoided:Approx. 17.7 tons per annum
Modules:Yingli Solar YL230 (156)
Communication:Sunny WebBox
Inverter:2 x Sunny Boy 8000US


This 18 kilowatt solar power system was installed for <a href="">McFarlane Aviation</a> in the Fall of 2010.&nbsp; The system was commissioned on December 7.&nbsp; <a href="">Cromwell Environmental</a> installed the system on the standing seam roof of the building using S-5! clips.&nbsp; These clips are specifically designed to attach the solar panels to the standing-seam roof of the building with no penetrations.&nbsp; Cromwell Environmental chose SMA inverters for this project and all others for their reliability and efficiency, as well as the ability to monitor all of their systems via Sunny Portal.<br />
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