Othona Community (Bradwell) overview
It is hoped that these diagrams will be more useful than those that display total yield. Each of the graphs show all the renewable inverters as well as the output from our generator.

We didn't have any monitoring for PV panels before February 2012 and we didn't record generator output before May 2012

 At the Bradwell Centre of the Othona Community we are dependent upon this system for all of our electricity. It is in our interest to keep our system as reliable as possible part of this is also to ensure that the monitoring systems are as reliable as possible, this website is part of our monitoring system. Occasionally it goes wrong, one of those times seem to have been between the 11th and 20th February 2013 what went wrong we are not sure but clearly we must have produced and used some electricity, Monitoring of the battery seems to have been unaffected.

Please note

On the 24/4/13 our internet connection broke so no data has been loaded to Sunny Portal. I will add to this note when the connection is repaired.

I am glad to say that today 29/4/13 our connection was repaired and Sunny Portal has now filled in most of the missing data.
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