Mother Earth Brewing PV System Profile
Location:Lexington Park, United States
Operator:Cherry Energy
PV system power:4.700 kWp
Modules:20 x BP Solar BP 375J
40 x BP BP 380J
Azimuth angle:
Angle of inclination:
Communication:Sunny WebBox
Inverter:Sunny Boy 5000US


Mother Earth Brewery in conjunction with Cherry Energy has taken solar power generation to the next level by presenting their commitment to renewable energy in a very visual way.  Mother Earth made a decision day one that they wanted the community and their patrons to see first hand pratical applications of sustanable building construction and renewable energy generation.  In the case of their 4.7Kw PV power plant the brewery utilized the solar panels as an architectural enhancement to their facility.  Across the front of the buildings that stretch one half of a city block are ten solar flags with four panels each mounted to the back of a parapet wall.  In the tap room patio area are another four solar flags with riser poles welded to a massive I-beam and in a private garden area are another two solar flags mounted on the roof of a studio building.  Check us out at
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