Skeffling Wind Power PROJECT DETAILS & LINKS

Warming Skeffling Village Hall, Not The Planet.

Skeffling is a village and civil parish in the East Riding of Yorkshire, England, in an area known as The Holderness. It is situated 2 miles west of the North Sea and 1 mile North of the Humber Estuary.

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On the 20 February 2007 the Skeffling Parish Council installed a 6KW Proven Turbine on a 15 meter self supporting tilt-up mast. We use it to generate clean power for the Village Hall and to promote appropriate microgeneration. Any unconsumed power is exported to the National Grid and Imported back when needed, the revenue from any surplus power is set aside to pay for the maintenance, repairs and eventual replacement of the turbine and it's associated equipment. Hopefully making the whole thing self financing and therefore self perpetuating.

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Our decision to use renewable energy in this way was made with 'Agenda 21' of the 1992 Rio Earth Summit in mind, which has Sustainable Development at its heart.

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The Turbine was designed and manufactured in Ayrshire, Scotland, by PROVEN ENERGY and was professionally installed by the good people from EAGLE POWER.
The project was made possible with funding and help from:

and also with vital help & guidance from Karen Wood the Rural Community's Officer from:

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There are extensive and detailed photos of installing the foundations and turbine here:

Contact us via E-mail: bigskeff4online (at) -
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