6kW_Netzero_Whistler PV System Profile
Location:Whistler, Canada
Operator:RDC Fine Homes
PV system power:6.000 kWp
Annual Production:approx. 6,000 kWh (1,000 kWh/kWp)
CO2 avoided:Approx. 0.1 tons per annum
Modules:Suntech STP180S-18/Ub
Communication:Sunny WebBox
Inverter:Sunny Boy 7000US


RDC Fine Homes, Whistler BC Canada

'Net Zero' built green home.

This house was built with leading 'green building' practices using recycled and local products. The 'Net Zero' portion of the home uses passive solar, high tech heating venting, lowest 'u' value windows avaiable, highly effecient insulation values and of course the 6kw PV system. 
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