Baden-Powell and St Peter's PV System Profile
Location:Poole, United Kingdom
PV system power:9.600 kWp
Communication:Sunny WebBox mit Bluetooth
Inverter:3 x Sunny Boy 3000TL


Baden-Powell and St Peter’s Middle School is extremely proud to be a school that produces its own electricity via its very own 9.6KW solar array.

Over the past few years, the school has been pushing forwards with many changes designed to make us a more sustainable and energy conscious community. In 2008, we decided to embark upon the mission of securing a number of grants to fund a wind turbine and solar array for the school. Almost two years later, we were delighted to have been offered two significant grants from The Low Carbon Buildings Project 2 and the Community Sustainable Energy Programme.

For a number of reasons, the wind element of the project had to be abandoned, though we were delighted to be able to forge ahead with the solar aspect of this venture.

It is hoped that this solar array will contribute to a significant reduction in both the school’s electricity usage, as well as its carbon footprint. More importantly than both of these, however, is the educational impact of the project: to display the clear importance of sustainability to the children of the school.

We hope that this visual example of green energy at work will be a springboard to inspire the entire school community to continue to strive for a more sustainable way of life.

Please use these pages to explore how our solar panels are performing!

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