Ashman Library - Madison - Madison Solar Systems
The City of Madison has been committed to sustainability and renewable energy for many years. One way of showing the commitment to renewable energy is the installation of city-owned solar systems. In addition the city also purchases more than 24% renewable (mostly wind) electricity from the utilities. As of 2009 the city owns and operates 12 Solar Hot Water systems, which were installed on all fire stations. In addition Madison owns 8 PV systems with a total capacity of 62 kW.

Madison is one of the 25 Solar America cities cooperating with the Department of Energy on removing market barriers for solar systems.

Devices/PV systemTotal yield today
Meter Change [kWh]
Total yield since installation
Cumulative Change [kWh]
Total yield
Meter Change [kWh]
CO 2 Reduction
Meter Reading [t]
Maximum Values [kW]
Cumulative Change [USD]
Ashman Library - MadisonNo data813.40813.4089.74No data203.35
Waste Transfer - MadisonNo dataNo dataNo dataNo dataNo dataNo data
Water Utility Garage - MadisonNo data7488.497488.49101.01No data1872.12
Water Utility Office - MadisonNo dataNo dataNo dataNo dataNo dataNo data
Streets East - MadisonNo data5363.195363.1928.77No data1340.80
East Police - MadisonNo data8736.378736.37132.46No data2184.09
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