PowerStream SmartGrid System PowerStream MicroGrid System
PowerStream Inc.
17.01kW Solar PV Array on 9 Dual Axis Trackers
PowerStream MicroGrid System
The PowerStream Smart Grid MicroGrid demonstration system is configured for On Grid, Off Grid (Island Mode) operation with Electric Vehicle charging stations, Generator, and Battery Storage systems.  The system is configured with the following Equipment:

- 17.01kWp solar PV grid tie system with 81 SunPower 210W solar modules on 9 dual axis Wattsun Trackers with 3 SMA SB6000 inverters
- Solar powered Electric Vehicle Charging Station with dual charging heads
- Backup Power System with Lead Acid batteries connected to 3 SMA Sunny Island Inverters connected in a 3 phase configuration
- 1 Natural Gas Generator
- 1 Inverter system with Lithium Ion batteries for Residential backup
- 1 Inverter system with GE Durathon battey for Residential backup
- GE MicroGrid Controller

System Architecture, Design, Installation by: Enviro-Energy Technologies Inc.
Tel: 1-416-927-7690
Fax: 1-416-927-7690
Email: info@enviro-energytech.com
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