Gäddeholm 73, Västerås PV System Profile
Location:Västerås, Sweden
Operator:Bengt Stridh
PV system power:3.360 kWp
Annual Production:approx. 2,890 kWh (860 kWh/kWp)
CO2 avoided:Approx. 0.1 tons per annum
Modules:Sanyo HIT-240HDE4
Communication:Sunny WebBox
Inverter:Sunny Boy 3000TL
Sensors:Sunny Sensorbox


Plant ordered from Direct Energy, Stockholm, July 2, 2010. Delivered to our home August 27 and September 1.  Installation started September 15 and was finished September 20, except for the sensorbox with irradation and module temperature measurements that was missing in the first delivery. The sensorbox was installed October 11.

The plant operation was tested to be OK September 20. We could not connect it to the grid then since we were waiting for the grid owners electricty meter to be exchanged. "Färdiganmälan" to the grid owner was delayed until October 11. Grid owner installed an electricity meter that can measure the current in both directions October 21. Since we did not know that it was exchanged it took until October 28 (08.00) that we connected the system to the grid, close to four months from the order.

The picture shows our PV plant to the right on the roof. On the left is 10 m2 of thermal collectors that was installed when the house was built in 2006. The roof faces to the south with an angle of 27°. Since there is ladder to the platform next to the chimney for the "vattenmantlad braskamin" we had som restrictions on how the modules could be placed on the roof. There is some shadowing of the roof in the morning and in the afternoon due do surrounding trees.

Suppliers: ABB: DC breaker, AC breaker, earth fault breaker, over voltage protection, electricity meter with Ethernet adapter for web access and indoor cabinet. IBC Solar: Branded SMA inverter. Sanyo: PV modules. SMA: Sensor box, web box.
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