Twin Oaks Community Inc. #1 PV System Profile
Location:Louisa, United States
PV system power:16.860 kWp
Modules:Schott Solar GmbH POLY 225
Communication:2 x Sunny WebBox mit Bluetooth
Inverter:2 x Sunny Boy 6000US


Grid synchronous array of 48 Schott panels, ~225 watts per panel, connected to meter supplying 3 large buildings, and an 8000 gallon/day submersible pump in a deep water well. Electric grid service provided by Rappahannock Electric Co-operative. Installation performed by Shockhoe Solar, Ashland VA. Location Twin Oaks Intentional Community:

Plant data logging was offline for some months after initial installation due to lightning destruction of the web box. There was no damage to the array or inverters at that time, so power production continued during the outage, but the online logging feature was out of commission.

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