Toowoomba Christian College PV System Profile
Location:HIGHFIELDS, Australia
PV system power:5.750 kWp
Modules:Sunpower SPR-215-BLK
Communication:Sunny WebBox
Inverter:Sunny Mini Central 5000A


The array of PV panels on the Administration Building roof generates enough power for 2 average households. They are linked to the power grid and allow our school to reduce our reliance on coal fired electricity, while also reducing our costs.

The PV panels are positioned facing NNE and 12 degrees to horizontal, to take full advantage of the sunshine in this area. Electricity generated by this system is first used within the school and any surplus not being used, usually during holiday periods, is fed back into the State Power Grid. The photovoltaic panels require very little maintenance, a simple hose off removes any impediment to obtaining full benefit from each panel.

The system generates up to 4.2KWH (KiloWatt Hours) on a clear day. Using an SMA Inverter, the DC electricity generated is converted to AC to match the Australian electricity grid.

Students and the community can see first hand how the system works by viewing this website, and monitoring the changes in available "Sun power" resulting from sunny or overcast days. This system is one just way, of many, that Toowoomba Christian College is helping to save our environment. Rainwater collection from most of our buildings and water savings measures are also part of our efforts.

We would encourage anyone thinking of installing Solar Power to consider its worth to the environment we leave for our children.

We thank the Australian Government's Australian Solar Schools Program which made this installation possible.

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