Shelby Electric (Shop Roof) PV System Profile
Location:Shelbyville, United States
PV system power:43.200 kWp
Modules:Kyocera KD235GX-LPB
Communication:Sunny WebBox
Inverter:6 x Sunny Boy 7000US


 Phase 1 of Shelby Electric's solar array consists of 156 Kyocera Panels, two strings of 13 panels on each Sunny Boy 7000 inverter. Six Sunny boy 7000 inverters in the Sunny ST-42 Tower. Total generation capable of 36.660 kW tied to total inverter capacity of 42 kW. This energy will offset central station power flowing into the facility from traditional fossil and nuclear sources. At times when the sun is shining and it is spring or fall with no significant air conditioning or heating requirement, the generation will flow back into the grid. This will help supply other Shelby Electric members with green energy.  Yearly generation is 52,000 kwh.
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