Speargrass Domain PV System Profile
Location:Queenstown, New Zealand
PV system power:21.600 kWp
Annual Production:approx. 31,536 kWh (1,460 kWh/kWp)
CO2 avoided:Approx. 18.9 tons per annum
Modules:Mitsubishi PV-MF180TD4 (180 W)
Communication:Sunny WebBox
Inverter:Sunny Backup 5000
3 x Sunny Mini Central 8000TL
Sensors:Sunny Sensorbox


The PV System Consists of 80 roof mounted Mitsubishi 180W panels at tilt angle of 30 degrees and orientation 22 degrees east of True North and 40 Mitsubishi 180W panels in a ground mounted field array mounted at a tilt angle of 30 degrees oriented at True North.  The Inverter System consists of three SMA Sunny Mini Central 8000 Watt Inverters plus Three SBU 5000 Backup Inverters with a 3 phase Auto Switch Box.  A battery bank of 24 2V Lead-Carbon batteries totaling 1000 AH  at 48V provide the battery backup capability.  The final component is a 30KVA standby generator. 

System Installed by Campbell Electric (Jason Campbell)  & Coast & Country Projects (Steve Mullan) of Queenstown, New Zeland.
Jason & Steve won the award for the "Best Installation of 2009" in New Zealand from the Sustainable Electricity Association of New Zealand (SEANZ) for this installation

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