BP Waterfront Office Cape Town Welcome


Welcome to BP South Africa’s solar portal. Here you will find information
and live data regarding the photovoltaic plant at the BP Waterfront
Offices in Cape Town.

In 2005 at the opening ceremony, Rams Ramashia, Chairman of BP Southern Africa said:

"Our building is our testimony to how seriously we as a business, take the issue of sustainable
use of energy and resources. By housing our staff in a building that has been publicly acclaimed
for its innovation in this area, we are bringing to life our values as a progressive and green company.”

As part of the 67kWp solar system Power Solutions  installed 22 grid connected inverters with a state
of the art logging and information system. This allows BP’s staff and visitors to view the performance
of the system on a central display, in the foyer of the building, while Power Solutions is able to analyse
and monitor performance remotely.

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