Cromwell Residence PV System Profile
Location:Lawrence, United States
Operator:Cromwell Environmental
PV system power:5.720 kWp
Modules:Yingli Solar
Communication:Sunny WebBox
Inverter:Sunny Boy 5000US


With this installation, The Cromwell family, owners of Cromwell Environmental, will generate most of their hot water and electricity demands on-site.  The Cromwells had been waiting to install a system until module power density reached the level currently achieved by the Yingli Panda series modules.  This new module has a rated output of 260 Watts from the same size panel that usually generates 230 watts.  This increased output allowed the Cromwell family to fit 5,720 Watts of PV on their roof in addition to the 80 sq.ft. of solar thermal already in place.
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