SOLAREN BHF Guimba PV System Profile
Location:Guimba, Nueva Ecija, Philippines
PV system power:16.920 kWp
Annual Production:approx. 21,150 kWh (1,250 kWh/kWp)
CO2 avoided:Approx. 15.5 tons per annum
Modules:72 x SolarWorld AG SW 235 mono
Azimuth angle:-10°
Angle of inclination:10°
Communication:Sunny WebBox
Inverter:Sunny Mini Central 5000A
2 x Sunny Mini Central 5000A-11


This installation is located on the rooftop of BHF's flagship retail store in Neuva Ecija.  The PV system comprises of 72 Premium Quality Polycrsytalline Modules with an anticipated 25 Year life-span, coupled with SMA Inverters.

The PV system also boasts the first net-metering installation in the Province of Nueva Ecija with the kind cooperation of NEECO II

The anticipated annual system yield is approximately 22,800 kilowatt-hours (kWh).  In financial terms, and assuming an electricity cost of P11 per kWh, the annual savings for BHF will be in the region of P250,000 in the first year, and increasing in line with inflation.

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