Sails Ashore Lodge PV System Profile
Location:Stewart Island, New Zealand
PV system power:14.000 kWp
Nominal battery capacity:35,520 Wh
Battery type:Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion)
Operating Mode:Stand-alone mode
Modules:2 x SMA
Azimuth angle:
Angle of inclination:17°
Communication:3 x SMA Webconnect
Inverter:Sunny Boy 5.0 1AV-41
Sunny Boy 6.0 1AV-41
Sunny Island 8.0H-13


Stewart Island's power grid is supplied from Scania Diesel engines running 24/7. Monthly fixed tariff is $105, and electricity is $0.85 c/kwh (unit).

Sails Ashore Lodge on Stewart Island is completely "Off Grid" We have 2 solar arrays totally 14kw, together with a 24kw lithium ion battery system. In th event of several "dark" days draining the battery beyond the pv array's ability to keep up. we also have a 5kw diesel gen set. 

Sails Ashore is an almost fully electric house, utilising an induction cooking hob and electric oven for cooking. Our domestic hot water and coupled central heating system uses a diesel boiler, but we feed excess electricity into the boiler, reducing diesel consumption by better than 50%.
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