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Sunny Portal - Professional Management, Monitoring and Presentation of PV systems

The easy mobile access to the largest online-portal for monitoring, organizing and presentation of PV power plants is now available as free iPhone App.
No matter what size your system might have: Sunny Portal gives you access to your PV power plant right on your mobile phone. PV system operators, installers and service personnel can then access the most important data they require from anywhere they want. This reduces time and costs.

PV System Selection

The existing user data is used for accessing the PV systems, no matter where you are. A demo account is available in case you want to see for yourself how the online PV system monitoring works and in case you do not have any Sunny Portal account yet.

Energy and Power

How high was the energy harvest today or in the last month? Accessing yield data is now easier than ever. And the iPhone makes the usage intuitive and easy to learn.

System Log for Ensuring Yields

You can access the event history of the system with user or admin rights. This keeps you well-informed wherever you are.
For example: In the case the PV system detects a blackout you can contact the PV system operator with a few fingertips via telephone. You can then verify if this is only a fuse that blew or if you need to organize that the service personnel has a look at the situation on the site.

PV System Description

All important data is visible at a single glance. The PV system can be easily presented anywhere you want. And by the way: Sunny Portal can be used in order to define new users, so friends or shareholders can see the PV system performance at any time.
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